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Facebook Needs to be Held Accountable For Their Role In Covid-19 Deaths

I am so angry. I want to start off by saying I hate facebook. I deactivated my accounts last year and had no intention of getting back. Late December, I was hearing news about a doctor being silenced in China for his warnings over a virus which prompted me to reactive my account to help inform my friends and family as I’m a medical nerd. I didn’t want my friends and family to die or suffer losing their loved ones too and sadly that’s the reality we are now living in.

What I did not expect, was Facebook to shadowban and suspend my account for any covid related posts from January until late May. Posts were rampant of “it’s just the flu” and “masks don’t work but anything that was even just medically backed sources and information was hidden by Facebook.

One of the many posts of mine that Facebook hid

The above image is just one of the many posts that were flagged and removed or hidden by Facebook. It took them 3 days to overturn their decision after my dispute and by then it was too late and I was already shadowbanned to where nobody was seeing my posts. To see so many people I care about now suffering when I tried so hard to be informative and warn people hurts my heart so much. To watch so much needless suffering and know that I TRIED ehile places like Facebook actively silenced people like me… while they sat back allowing blatant disinformation to be spread on a mass scale.

Doing this left many people uninformed and because of this unable to make proper decisions. Would the same amount of people still be partying or insisting they’re going to have a “normal Christmas” next month if places like Facebook took more of an educated and appropriate stance on their responsibility with disinformation? My stance was formed based off of medical personnel and medically backed information and only turned into more political when the president came out and said “cases would be back to 0” and “it’s similar to the flu” when the US first started getting cases. So many unfortunate people and events had a negative impact on civilian response across the world and Facebook was one of the major catalysts that encouraged it to happen. No more excuses. Hold them accountable.

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